About Us

About us

The idea of was born during long discussions between friends living on different continents. We wanted to talk about things that were important to us, that made us think, and worry, and feel something. 
    The desire to express our opinions on topics that matter to us, desire to write and share experiences and information made us create this space. 
    We chose the name Draftsy for a few reasons. It speaks of literary drafts and unfinished pieces that can become something bigger, but also of drafts as movements of air, ideas, and opinions. Our readers AND our writers can choose the meaning closest to them or find a new one that speaks to their creativity and desire to be heard. 
    We want to invite you all to travel the world with us through different voices and stories, essays, opinion pieces, book reviews, and photojournalism. In our work, we will share and invite opinions and create a safe space for writing experiments.
    We plan on writing in both Russian and English and involve a wide variety of authors and topics. has a clearly defined position on social issues, equality, and human rights. In this space, there is no room for racism, xenophobia, homophobia, ultra-patriarchal views that dismiss women and their rights, and any views that promote hatred and violence. 

We hope you will enjoy reading and writing with us!